We help you find delicious food.

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Any background story?

Of course! Long story short, about 1 year ago four guys decided that asking yourself “What should I eat today?” was an unnecessary everyday hassle. Why not have a service that tells you what’s good to eat?

Bam. Munch On Me was born.

We chose good old Berkeley as our launch city (Go Bears!). Berkeley food is downright awesome with a quaint touch, and we wanted everyone to know. But as we grew, we felt an itch. That itch was San Francisco, foodie-metropolis of the west coast. We just had to go there, and a couple of months later, we set up a nice downtown office and started cranking away.

Since then, we’ve been showcasing delicious food in more and more places with plenty to come. When you’re hungry, we’ll be there.

Get your nom on.