The use of diet pills to enhance weight loss has been a topic of great debate and discussion ever since Phentermine was approved by the FDA in the 1970’s as a weight loss aid. Although millions of people claim to have benefited from the use of diet pills, opponents of the weight loss products industry are concerned that these pills act only as a temporary band aid for underlying issues, such as over-eating, poor nutrition and unhealthy food choices. The truth of this matter is that both parties are correct – the use of diet pills can be an effective means for losing weight, but only when combined with changes in lifestyle that include a healthier diet, portion control and more exercise. The most interesting diet pill reviews show this effect clearly.

Phentermine is the most prescribed diet pill for the treatment of obesity. Over the past 30 years Phentermine diet pills have been helping persons who struggle with obesity to lose weight by acting similar to an amphetamine in the brain. The resulting effect is a reduction in appetite and an increase in energy that helps people to eat less while having more energy for physical activity. Although Phentermine is typically only prescribed for short-term use (3 to 6 months), the weight loss experienced while taking this medication, when it is combined with changes in lifestyle conducive to losing weight, can be dramatic.

Phentermine is a prescription diet pill and as such requires a prescription from a person’s doctor before it can be legally sold, either through a pharmacy or online. For this reason, purchasing Phentermine, as well as other prescription diet pills such as Adipex, Bontril and Xenical, has become tightly regulated, which has opened the doors wide for the sale of over-the-counter diet pills as alternatives.

Until recently, finding a non-prescription diet pill that worked as well as prescription weight loss pills was near impossible. Although some pills increased energy with the use of natural products, such as caffeine, most pills failed to provide an effective appetite suppressant to help curb hunger. Fortunately, new diet pills are entering the weight loss market that show promise to be as effective as prescription pills, but without the potentially serious side-effects and hassle for prescriptions. One of the best diet pills available today is PhenQ that is the only non-prescription weight loss product that is comparable to the effectiveness of prescription Phentermine. One of the largest differences between PhenQ and other over-the-counter diet pills is that PhenQ is not a combination of herbal extracts but is made from a chemically-formulated compound that suppresses appetite and increases energy, you can read more about PhenQ ingredients here.

Taking diet pills for weight loss does not mean that you are too lazy to diet and exercise or that you can’t control yourself around food. The diet pills side effects are mostly uncommon, but taking diet pills can be a sensible approach for anybody needing to lose weight, particularly for people who are physically encumbered by their weight and find it difficult to exercise. Always remember, however, that diet pills should always be used along with diet and exercise and never be abused, taken for long periods of time, or used as a means for weight loss just on their own. Many diet pill manufacturers are guilty of making false claims about their products that sound too good to be true. Any diet pill that promises you weight loss without having to make changes in your diet and/or having to get exercise should be avoided because it is a scam that will likely cause you to gain more weight, rather than lose it.