Now a days there is a ton of misinformation going around about wasps, particularly that of the paper wasp. I have had multiple people come up to ask me whether paper wasps in particular sting. Apparently they have heard from some friend of theirs that these type of wasps do not sting. Well Ill tell you what it is this type of misinformation that ends up getting people stung. Paper wasps do sting people and the sting is not a nice one at all.

Every single type of bee or wasp out there will sting you if provoked, heck they may even sting you if you didnt do anything except get close to their nest. Some of these bees and wasps, wasps in particular are more aggressive then others. This means that they are more likely to sting you when un provoked. And could you guess one of the most aggressive species of wasps that tend to sting people are? Yep thats right the same type of wasp your friend or family member said dont sting.

The paper waps. The paper wasp is a very territorial animal. Meaning that if you come into close proximity of one of their nests they will not hesitate to use that stinger on you. That is what makes it so difficult to remove paper wasps nests, the minute you come close to it they turn their stinger on you. So the next time you ask do paper wasps sting please dont just listen to your silly next door neighbor that has had not encouters with the sort. When rumors like this get out it ends up hurting people and could potentially kill someone if they are allergic to bee adn wasps stings. So the next time someone asks you, do paper wasps sting, you can know tell them with certainty YES!