Walk Your Way to a Toned Body

If you want to get in shape, you have to do resistance workouts and intense cardio workout while maintaining a healthy diet. Even with all three of these components, results sometimes come slowly. You should be aware that walking more frequently will help most people see results more quickly.  Here is a look at why walking will help you get a better body faster from http://www.newphen24.com/.

Low Stress

Although you want to challenge yourself in most aspects of your workout routine, the main advantage of walking is that it places a very low amount of stress on your body. Because of this low amount of stress, walking will burn calories without interfering with your ability to recover from your workouts. It is also nearly impossible to over train when walking. As long as you wear shoes with good support and don’t go overboard with how far you walk, you will be fine.

Burn Fat, Not Muscle

When it comes to cardiovascular workouts, people who are concerned with developing a lean, toned body have to constantly consider whether they are burning fat or muscle. One of the main advantages of walking is that it burns a higher percentage of fat than other types of cardio due to its low intensity. Although a walking session will burn fewer total calories than a more intense cardio session, the muscle that you’ve worked so hard to gain will be spared.

Aerobic Fitness

Many people who are primarily concerned with building muscle do not work too much on their aerobic fitness. However, ignoring your aerobic fitness is counterproductive for lifting weights. The fact is that better aerobic performance will help you move more weight when it’s time to do your resistance training. Since walking improves your aerobic fitness, it also improves your ability to push yourself harder when lifting weights.

Improved Recovery

It is believed that walking can help speed up and improve your recovery from Walkingan intense resistance workout. This effect happens because walking increases your body’s overall blood flow. If you take a light stroll after a challenging workout that leaves you feeling sore, you will find that you feel better much more quickly. Walking alone will not get you ripped. However, including walking in your schedule will greatly speed up your results without compromising your muscle gains. Burning fat while gaining muscle is the key to achieving the toned body that most people are looking for.