So you see these huge, what look like large yellow jacket, creatures flying around your property and are scared to go outside incase they decide to use their huge stinger on you. You go online and discover that these are actually called paper wasps thats to a helpful wasp identification page. Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news but paper wasps are notorious for being one of the most hostile and aggressive wasp or bee species out there. Great your probably thinking.

Well dont fret as we at house pest control and treatment have been helping people remove paper wasp nests for some time and we are going to give you our help with some good old instructions. However, you should be sure you are dealing with paper wasps and not just large possibly carpenter bees or bumble bees. You can tell this by looking at the nest. If it is a gray color and very flaky, like ruffled paper then you are dealing with the paper wasp and you must take great care when attempting a paper wasp nest removal.

When paper wasps are awake they are some of the meanest insects out there, however when they are sleeping they are no harm to you. This is when we will choose our time to attack at dusk or during the night. During this time all the paper wasps should be back in their nests and sleeping. This is good for two reasons. First off if the paper wasps are sleeping in their nests it decreases the likiness you have of getting stung multiple times from these vile creatures. Another greate benefits of attempting a paper wasp nest removal at this time is because all the wasps should be in the hive. This means when you go to destory the hive you destroy all the paper wasps along with it.

One effective way to kill a paper wasp nest is to obviously soak it with wasp or bee insecticide. These are very easy to find at almost any home and garden or hardware store. Simply sneak out to the nest and start spraying away. After the initial dosage of poison you are going to want to go back and soak it again with some more wasp poison to make sure that all the wasps are truly dead.

Another little more extravenous way to kill the paper wasp nest is to torch it. Yep fire is a great way to get rid of a paper wasp nest. The consistency of the nest makes it flammable which will make your job of paper wasp nest removal much easier. For even better results you can use a torch or put a little gasoline on the nest quickly before lighting it. It is a little crazy but I can personally vouche that this method does work.