When you have the highly aggressive paper wasp flying around, yes the paper wasp that will sting you, you are going to want to clear them as far away from you as humanely possible. Once these pests set up a hive it will be very difficult to take out without getting stung a couple of times if you are not carefull. Therefore it is important to get rid of the paper wasps before they set up an established hive. There are many different ways you can kill apaper wasps, you can of course spray them with good old fashion poison, spray them with a homemade wasp deterrent, or you could construct your very own paper wasp trap. Homemade paper wasp traps are very effective and best of all are extremely cheap and can even be made using some of your old trash.

A very simple adn easy homemade paper wasp trap that you can make is created using material that you can find in your own recycling bin. Simply cut a two liter coke bottle in half. Place the smaller half upside down inside the larger half. This should create a funnel looking object on top that draws the paper wasps into the larger area. Fill that larger area with meat, and I will tell you why in a second. For the best success in the fight against wasps set this trap in the early spring time. At this time the queen paper wasps will be looking for a place to set up a nest.

The queen paper wasp will also be on the lookout for food. In your trap you will have protein, protein is the exact type of nutriets that a queen paper wasp is looking for. To make the trap even more effective you can also put some sugar water in the trap with the meat. The paper wasps will go into the trap and because of the funnel shape be unable to come out. The wasps will most likely simply fall into the water and drown. This is an extremely effective way to prevent a bustling wasp nest in the first place, and if you already have one is a great way to kill the wasps that are haunting your back yard.