First off you should know that your kitchen looks like a paradise to any passing sugar ant. As soon as one ants lays its eyes on the prize it will soon signal to the entire ant nest to come check out this cool place filled with sugary delights. Having ants in the kitchen is almost unavoidable unless you take some serious precautionary measures. However, once they are there you are going to want to know how to get rid of ants in the kitchen. You have two choices to go the natural ant deterrent route or the commercial ant poison route. The choice is yours however my personal preference is the natural route as it has less toxins and is usually much cheaper than the commercial poisons.

One of the most known natural and easy ways of killing ants in the kitchen is the old borax mixture method. Borax has many uses around the home however it is usually used to disinfect stuff. However another one of its uses is that it is quite deadly to ants. All you have to do for this method of killing ants in the kitchen is to mix borax into sugar. Place this mixture in a holding container. THe sugar ants will come up to this sugar buffet and not even know they are eating borax, which is poisonous to them. If you lucky they may even bring it back to the hive. Since borax kills the sugar ants in your kitchen slowly the ants eating it in the nest wont know anythign is amiss until it is to late. Soon enough the entire colonly will be poisoned and more importantly they will be out of your kitchen.

Another method is to attack the ants in your kitchen aggressively. This means you are killing them yourself and not the poison. In order for this to work you must use a fast kill method in order to see the results quickly. All you have to do is mix dish washing soap in with some hot water. This mixutre will kill sugar ants on contact. Simply walk around with your spray bottle gun ready to blast any unfortunate ants that get in the way. When the ants see their partners getting killed they will send chemical signals to one another telling them to stay away from that area. Commercial ways of Getting Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

There are many commercials products out there that do a great job of aggressively killing ants however most of these products are poor at killing the ants passively. The reason for this is because most store bought poisons lack an attractive quality to the ants, meaning the ants wont be attracted to the poison. Therefore they will just avoid it. This means the poison you just spend over twenty bucks on is totally useless as the ants dont even come near it. That is why I enjoy using homemade ant repellent poisons. Hopefully after reading this article you will no longer be asking how to get rid of ants in the kitchen and be able to deal with the problem quicly and effectively.