Work rocks. I know.

– All the Munch Things, Munch-182

Interested in any of the following? Drop us a line at [email protected].

Business Development & Expansion Consultant Internship

Work directly with one of our co-founders or awesome sales commandos and help us expand! This challenging yet rewarding endeavor will be fast-paced and draws from a diverse background of business acumen, including client sourcing, marketing, organizational management, and user acquisition.

Tap into your creative and analytical channels and develop a determined, collaborative, and resourceful style to show the foodie world what you’ve got.

Qualifications and qualitatives:

  • We’re looking to reach Austin, NYC, Chicago, Boston, OC, Portland, D.C., Atlanta, and Denver. More to come!
  • We’re a seed-stage startup! Hope you’re comfortable with low bureaucracy and high independence.
  • Spreadsheets only go so far. Think outside the box and call the shots.
  • Clever and scalable is the way to go.
  • Teamwork rocks, but flying solo shouldn’t hold you back.
  • We love face-to-face client meetings and experienced face-to-facers. Public speaking experience helps.
  • High stress is high motivation! Be prepared to adapt and conquer.


  • iPad 2 with 3G! All the cool kids have these.
  • Stipend and/or equity depending on your skills, experience, and productivity.

Content Writer

Chat with restaurant owners and managers and get their story! Hear first-hand lowdowns on your local eateries and render lucid prose about their histories and dishes.

Qualifications and qualitatives:

  • Writing is awesome, especially when it’s about food. Passion is key.
  • Food is just as awesome. Enthusiasts welcome!
  • Meeting people and hearing their stories should pique your curiosity.


Follow your foodie passions and blog about topics that quench your interest. Nutrition, lifestyle, recipes, food reviews. You name it. As long as you’re passionate, go for it.


Unleash your creativity. Backpack around your community and produce gorgeous images of the local dishes to be featured online.

Qualifications and qualitatives:

  • Take our breath away with your photos.
  • Modern DSLRs rock. Having one is definitely a boon.
  • Be a pro at photo composition. Lighting, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, rule of thirds? No prob.
  • Food looks awesome prepared the right way. Arranging the dish should be a piece of cake. Pun intended.
  • Prepare your photos by cropping and uploading. Super simple.
  • Photoshop & Lightroom experience is a huge plus!