“Salivate in anticipation.”

– Social Axcess, May 2011

“Munch On Me is a daily deals site for food. But wait, before you click away to a slideshow about hot coders, Munch On Me (Y Combinator Summer class of 2011) has got some features that might just reroute you from relying on the big G for your munchies back to its sweet sweet embrace.” (more…)

“Restaurants that are tired of the daily deal model may find Munch on Me to be a more enticing option. This is because Munch on Me’s core userbase consists of foodies, rather than bargain hunters. These are the type of people who are more likely to become repeat customers.” (more…)

” ‘People turn to Facebook for social networking, LinkedIn for professional networking, Amazon to buy things, Craigslist to sell things — we want to be that for food.’ ” (more…)

“Restaurants who use Munch On Me are getting new customers, and not just deal hunters.” (more…)

“Munch on Me is great for the people who want to try new food every time they dine out. This is great for travelers too because when we are traveling we are looking for great deals and new food to try.” (more…)

“Munch is part of a new wave of kinder and gentler daily deal promotion companies that hope to change the sour taste left by its competitors.” (more…)

“Bon Appétit! A new startup is making foodies around the country salivate in anticipation.” (more…)

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