“Huge success for us!”

– Bishal and Malik, Owners of House of Curries

Khaled, Owner of Sunrise Deli

“Our experience with Munch On Me was fantastic; the redemption process was simple, efficient, and very effective. The team was very helpful with any questions we had. Additionally, we saw a huge rise in sales in conjunction with the promotion we offered! In fact, my calculations show a 75% upsell, demonstrating a definite correlation between customers redeeming their deal and then buying something else on the menu. Overall, I was very happy with how the partnership went, and I’d certainly be willing to work with Munch On Me again!”

Eric from Sandbag’s

“I have run several promotions with Munch On Me and I am glad I did. Munch On Me gets people in the door and has increased my visibility and traffic. The process is simple and I will run promotions with them again and again. By far, the most reliable and service-oriented team I’ve ever worked with online marketing and promotion-wise.”

Benito, Manager of Falafel King

“We love how Munch On Me worked, this was a huge success for us! People really got to know our food and we gained a ton of new customers without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. The redemption process was simple and the Munch team were very attentive to our needs. We’re looking forward to working together again next time.”

Nels, Manager of Greens Up! Salads

“Munch On Me was great to work with! They were very flexible, simple to use, and helped us through the entire process. I’d work with Munch On Me again in the future.”

Bishal and Malik, Owners of House of Curries

“Working with Munch On Me was a huge success for us! Our restaurant was packed for a week straight and we saw many new faces. The process itself was very simple and the Munch On Me team was very attentive to our needs. We would love to work with them again anytime.”

Jimmy, Owner of CREAM

“The Munch On Me team was professional in all aspects of this interaction. Throughout our initial partnership, we had several requests and they were very responsive. As a restaurant owner, I wanted the entire process to be simple for us and our customers. Munch On Me was able to deliver simplicity while smoothly integrating with our processes. And best of all, their customer service and attention to detail was above reproach. I am delighted to work with them in the future.”

Jay, Manager of Moccacino Café

“Working with Munch On Me has been a pleasure. The setup process was simple and required little effort on our end. The photos they took were awesome and showcased us really well. We saw a definitely increase in customers, and we look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”

Josh, Owner of Maoz Vegetarian

“I love the concept and idea of Munch On Me. Finally there is an innovative company helping restaurants connect to customers. Our experience working with them was excellent; they were very professional and courteous. I know this unique, passionate, and growing company will succeed in its endeavors.”

Mike, Owner of Sam’s

“Everything’s cool. Munch on Me Customers and everyone from Munch on Me who comes here are faithful! Groups of four, groups of eight…they’re the same faces. And one person will take turns buying. They always come in groups, which is great.”

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