If you see wasps flying around you probably attempted to make your own homemade wasp deterrent trap. However if you arent catching any wasps in it then you may want to try some bait. Bait for wasps is much like bait used for fishing. You simply get a food the target pests wants and they will come right into your trap. Once you are able to attract the wasps to your traps then you will finally be able to get rid of them once and for all. Wasp traps have many benefits over attacking a nest head on.

With the trap method you reduce your risk of getting stung many times over then when compared to assaulting a wasp nest head on. However, again for your trapping efforts to be successful you must use the right kind of bait. And the type of bait you use will depend on the type of trap you are using. If the trap is to simply attract the wasps and then keep them stuck in the trap then you will want a wasp bait that only attracts the wasps. However if you just want to attract them to the food and them have them injest some poison and then allow them to fly away then you are going to have to use a completely different wasp bait recipe.

Well the first wasp bait recipe is simple enough. Simply fill your trap with water and then mix in some sugar. A passing wasp will not be able to resist the smell of sugar water and the wasp will be drawn right towards your trap. However, be away that sugar water will attract all kinds of animals, so keep a weary eye on the trap to make sure no other animals are messing with it.

Another great wasp bait recipe is to use food packed with protein. However you will want to use this bait in early spring as only the queen wasp will be attracted to meat. This is very effective as if there is no queen wasp a wasp nest cannot be established saving you the headache of having to deal with them. However if you are baiting wasps past early spring then you should focus on filling your wasp trap with food filled with sugar as that is what most worker wasps are attracted to and not protein. Therefore if you are filling your trap with protein you can use a whole host of different foods, including fish, poultry, or beef.

Vinegar mixed with sugar also seems to be a very good wasp attractant. The vinegar has natural sugars in it that attract the wasps, in addition to processed sugar your trap will seem like heaven to any wasp that moves near by.

If you are wanting to kill the wasps with poison and not actually trap them then you are going to have to put some sort of poison into the food. This can be in the form of a commercial store bought wasp spray or something else. As long as its lethal to the wasp you will be able to kill them after they eat the food. Hope you found a wasp bait recipe that works for you!